All our students eat at the school. The school has a dining hall with its own kitchen, which means that our students can eat freshly-made food. The company ARAMARK draws up the menu, which offers a balanced, healthy Mediterranean diet that follows the guidelines set down by its nutritionists. The menu is sent to the families every month so they can know in advance what their children are going to eat each day.

The school also has a Dining Room Committee ( that parents and students can contact for any suggestions, doubts or queries.


Did you know about Aramark’s App, “El Gusto de Crecer”? This free application was created specifically for the “El Gusto de Crecer” (“The Joy of Growing Up”) nutritional and educational programme, and is supported by Aramark’s team of nutritionists. Parents can use it to access an additional help service for queries related with the meals their children eat, to ensure that they are balanced and follow the nutritional advice proposed by Aramark in accordance with the World Health Organisation.

This simple application offers healthy recipes to download, the latest news from Aramark, the school’s monthly menu, and recommendations for dinner time and the weekend. This helps to ensure that the children eat well both inside and outside school. We hope you like it!

Download the “El Gusto de Crecer” app at: Google Play, App Store and Windows Store.