English School in Elche

Our international school in Alicante is based on the concept of Amazing Learning, an educational journey that lasts a lifetime and allows our students to achieve excellence not only in the academic field, but in any challenge they set themselves in the future. Newton College is a unique proposal in Elche, which goes beyond the traditional bilingual pedagogy, language learning is constantly present, to make our pupils citizens capable of seeing the world from an inclusive perspective.

Discover the English School of educational excellence in Elche

Our aim is to achieve an exceptional educational experience, through the best environment for each of our students.

Our pedagogical approach and commitment to quality education

At Newton College, our pedagogical approach and commitment to quality education focuses on providing personalised and innovative teaching. We believe in education as an adventure based on discovery, so we foster curiosity and creativity in our students, encouraging them to become critical thinkers and autonomous learners.

Our commitment to quality education is reflected in our highly qualified teaching staff, who are dedicated to cultivating an inclusive and stimulating learning environment. We use continuous assessment to inform our teaching and ensure that each student is progressing effectively.

We pride ourselves on providing an education that balances academic excellence with the personal, social and emotional development of each student. Through strong academic programmes, enriching extracurricular activities and a focus on student wellbeing, our school in Elche strives to prepare each student for their own future.

Modern and safe facilities for an optimal learning environment.

Among the facilities included in our English school in Elche, we highlight the following:

  • 2 self-catering dining rooms
  • 2 psychomotricity classrooms
  • 2 multi-activity classrooms
  • 1 library
  • 2 art workshops
  • 4 music classrooms
  • 2 video classrooms
  • 3 computer classrooms
  • 5 science laboratories
  • 1 television studio
  • 1 radio studio (Newton Air)
  • 1 Innovation Centre
  • Multimedia classrooms with interactive whiteboards
  • 1 indoor sports hall
  • 3 indoor football or handball fields
  • 4 mini-football pitches
  • 1 basketball court
  • 2 mini-basketball courts
  • 1 volleyball court
  • 1 multi-sports field
  • 1 football pitch with artificial turf

Why choose our English School in Elche?

Our educational proposal is different for the following reasons.

Our trajectory as a reference in educational excellence

We are currently an educational reference in the Valencian Community due to our educational project based on continuous language learning, and due to the results our students obtain in both national and international tests.

Our commitment is based on continuing to improve on a daily basis, so that our students have more opportunities to learn and develop their full personal potential.

Highly qualified and committed teaching staff

At our English school in Elche, we pride ourselves on our highly qualified and committed teaching staff. Each member of the teaching staff has extensive knowledge in their area of expertise, and they create a positive learning environment and support each student’s academic progress, whilst encouraging personal and social growth

This commitment to excellence in education ensures that our students receive the best possible instruction for their all-round development.

Enriching Academic Programmes and Extracurricular Activities

At Newton College we offer academic programmes based on language learning and a variety of extra-curricular activities to foster a comprehensive and enriching learning environment

Our academic programmes focus on providing a well-rounded education, based on the development of critical thinking skills and the promotion of intellectual curiosity. Our extracurricular activities include a wide variety of sports clubs, music and art groups, and community service opportunities. We believe that this combination of rigorous academic learning and enriching extracurricular activities helps our students grow in all areas, both academically and personally.

Pupils’ all-round development: academic, sporting and artistic

At our English school in Elche we are committed to the all-round development of our pupils, with an emphasis on academics, sport and the arts.

Academically, we offer a rigorous and stimulating curriculum, which promotes excellence and a love of learning. Athletically, we provide a wide variety of activities and sports teams to develop physical skills, team spirit and endurance. Artistically, we offer opportunities in music, art and drama to encourage creativity and self-expression.

These elements contribute to a balanced education that encourages each student’s individual strengths and passions.

Educational offer at our Colegio Inglés Elche for all levels

Language learning is present from the first academic years to the pre-university stage. 


During the infant years, our pupils learn English at the same pace as they develop their skills in Spanish. 


The primary courses allow students to learn the basic structures of English, as well as a second language. 


Secondary is the stage in which our students acquire more complex language skills. 


Baccalaureate is oriented towards a part of the language related to further higher education in international institutions.

Admission and enrolment process

In order to begin the enrolment process at Newton College, it is important to bear in mind the following information:

  • A visit with the family and the pupil will be necessary for admission to the infant stage.
  • From YEAR 3 (Primary 2) onwards, the pupil must take an entrance test in English, Spanish and Maths. Families must bring their child’s report cards from the last three years so that we can know the child’s academic record.
  • Coordination and management will assess each case individually, before a formal offer of a place is made.

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