Meet Our Bilingual School in Alicante

Newton College is a bilingual school in Alicante with an international program that allows our students to learn languages through immersive activities.

The first academic years are important to lay a foundation of knowledge that will be vital for their future, in the case of languages, during this stage a child learns the grammatical structures and much of the vocabulary they will use throughout their lives, if they develop their communication skills in English, they will learn a second language in the same way as their mother tongue. 

At Newton College we attach fundamental importance to language learning, that is why our students are taught through bilingual programs, which are complemented with the learning of a third language during the secondary school stage.    

What is a bilingual school?

A bilingual school is one that develops an educational method with two vehicular languages. In the case of Newton College, we not only develop a bilingual curriculum, but we also implement international programs in collaboration with schools around the world, thanks to our collaboration with the International Schools Partnership.

Bilingual education at our school begins in the first years of kindergarten and ends in high school, with English focused on the vocabulary necessary for later university education and job development.   

What does a bilingual school consist of?

A bilingual school must teach between 30% and 50% of its classes in English, in addition, the school must include in its teaching staff native teachers who have conversations in English with the students. 

At Newton College we implement a teaching model that builds on the foundations of bilingualism, enhancing its advantages through international programs that include immersive experiences. Students must acquire grammatical and vocabulary knowledge in the classroom, but it is very important that they put their communication skills into practice in real situations in which they are forced to use the language. 

The results of our students are the best demonstration of the success of our bilingual educational programs. Our bilingual school in Elche has become one of the main educational references in our environment, precisely due to the results that, year after year, our students obtain in both national and international university entrance exams.   

Why is it important to enroll your children in a Bilingual School?

The importance of a bilingual program has implications for both their present and their future. Learning several languages has a decisive impact on their cognitive development, improving their learning skills in other subjects. For their future, language skills are already a basic job skill, in an increasingly global world, English and Spanish are two languages that will be of vital importance in the labor market of the future.    

Another advantage of learning languages from an early age is that students perceive the particularities of other cultures. It is important for students to know that they live in a global environment, where respect for other cultures is a basic value, and language is the best way to learn about other points of view. 

At Newton College we develop a global idea based on language learning, but which tries to go beyond the educational guidelines. 

What is the curriculum of our Bilingual School in Elche?

One of our main commitments is based on offering each student a personal educational experience, which takes into account their abilities and aspirations. Through language, we develop curricula that motivate students, make them commit to their own education and help them achieve their academic goals.

For our center it is important that our students acquire the knowledge that will allow them to face the university stage with guarantees, and to be able to opt for the most prestigious centers in the world. The study plans are designed to ensure that a student from our school who arrives at an English-speaking university adapts immediately and faces this academic stage with the same success as the previous ones. 

Advantages of our bilingual school

The main advantages of our bilingual school in Alicante are the following.

  • The learning of a second language is carried out at the same pace at which the mother tongue is learned.
  • We focus on the practical sense of the language, to stimulate the student’s communicative skills.   
  • Learning a language allows us to stimulate the student’s cognitive abilities and generate an improvement in the rest of the subjects. 
  • Our students acquire basic social and work skills throughout their academic period. 
  • Our international programs, in collaboration with PSI, are the perfect environment to learn and perfect a language.
  • Our language programs are complemented with a third language starting in high school. 

Requirements to study at our Bilingual School

The requirements to join our bilingual school in Alicante vary, depending on the stage of the student. 


  • In the infant stage, a visit from the family and the student is required.
  • For later grades, i.e., primary, secondary and high school, the student must take tests in English, Spanish and mathematics, in addition, families must provide the report cards of the last three years to complete the evaluation. 


Finally, coordination and management make a final decision about the student’s admission.   

Enroll in our Alicante Bilingual School

The registration period for the next school year is now open. If you want to offer your children the best academic opportunity for their future, make your reservation now and ensure them the best bilingual education in Alicante. 

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