Healthy Living Project

The “Healthy Living Project” was started by Michele and Rayan, students from Year 13 who aimed to teach essential cooking skills to their coursemates  before they head off to university. Over the past several weeks, they held weekly cooking sessions focused on making nutritious yet simple recipes like; seasoned chicken with rice, sweet potato fries […]

Sapiéncia NC 23 Awards

This past year our students presented scientific research related to the disciplines of Physics, Biology, Environmental Sciences, Mathematics, etc. and were awarded the following prizes: Second prize in the area of Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics with the project presented by Hugo Vives under the title "The effect of vibrational frequency on motion down a sloped [...]


Every year, Newton College organises a fair dedicated to science and technology in which the pupils of the school learn through different workshops and activities. On 28th April 2023, the 3rd edition of this essential annual event took place, the Interschool Science Fair, an event for dissemination and coexistence between secondary schools, vocational training centers, [...]

How student leadership is changing our respect culture.

This year, Newton College formed it´s,´Respect Committee´ in order to develop an even stronger  culture of respect as one of our ten Newton Characteristics. These are competencies and values that we all want our students to develop in their time at the school, to prepare them for an uncertain future.   The committee is a student-led […]

How to teach English to preschool children

It is always a good thing to combine the learning of the mother tongue with a second language. When we consider how to teach English to preschool children, we often wonder whether it is advisable to wait, however, specialists indicate that the first school years are the right time to assimilate more than one language.  […]

Impact of multilingualism on cognition

Advantages of multilingualism in cognition At our international school in Alicante we believe that multilingualism, or the ability to speak and understand several languages, has a significant impact on human cognition. The acquisition and use of multiple languages involves complex cognitive processes that can affect the way we think, perceive and process information. Here are […]

What is mindfulness for children and what are its advantages?

The application of mindfulness for children allows primary and secondary school students to reach their full potential, through practices that encourage their concentration. Mindfulness techniques for children are not only a resource for their academic education, they also allow them to develop a series of skills that will be very beneficial in the future. What […]

The advantages of maths workshops for children

Maths workshops for children reinforce their education and help them to improve their mathematical abilities. A maths workshop is the best way to motivate the pupil, so that they perceive maths as a basic part of their own education. At Newton College we attach crucial importance to mathematics in all our educational programmes. From the […]

The importance of comprehensive education in early childhood education

The concept of holistic education should be very present during the first years of education. At an early age, it is important that children learn the basic skills that they will put into practice throughout their lives. Comprehensive education in early childhood education allows children to assimilate these skills. What is comprehensive education? We call […]

The importance of comprehensive education in early childhood education

The concept of holistic education should be very present during the first years of education. At an early age, it is important that children learn the basic skills that they will put into practice throughout their lives. Comprehensive education in early childhood education allows children to assimilate these skills. What is comprehensive education? We call […]

Activities to encourage creative talent in the classroom

Creative talent is usually related to high abilities. We all have creative talents that should be encouraged from an early age. In the case of people with high abilities, it is especially important that creative talent is accentuated through activities that allow them to develop their faculties.   At international school of Elche we are committed […]

Educational Gamification

What is educational gamification and how is it implemented in the classroom? Educational gamification is a term that is increasingly present in our classrooms. The possibility of maintaining student motivation is reason enough to know what educational gamification is and how it is applied, but in addition, the processes related to gamification have many other […]

The importance of values education

The importance of educating in values during the school years During the period of compulsory education, a pupil must assimilate certain theoretical knowledge that will form the basis of their own culture, and which will also enable them to develop their future working career. However, these years are also fundamental for acquiring ethical values. The […]

Activities to develop creativity in children

Activities to develop creativity in children The activities to develop creativity help children to enhance their ability to walk new paths, find different solutions and adopt new points of view.  Creativity can be stimulated from their early years, in fact, during this stage it is advisable to teach them to think creatively both at school […]


One more year, we have been included in the Ranking El Mundo as one of the 100 best schools in Spain. This ranking is based on 27 criteria on the teaching model, the educational offer and the material resources. These criteria make us the only school in Alicante which appears on the list. Thank you […]

Chinese New Year Celebration at Newton College 2022

On Friday 17th of December students of the Chinese community from Y11 and Y12 received the message to celebrate CNY at school. We were given the chance to organise the whole festival. To celebrate Chinese New Year, we have organised several activities such as decorating the dining room, making dumplings in the cookery and different […]

The importance of art activities for children in their educational stage

Plastic activities for children are part of their artistic education. The knowledge related to art will be fundamental throughout their formative stage, in Newton College we have specific spaces for the development of plastic activities at all ages, with the aim of promoting their creativity and the values associated with artistic creation. The advantages of [...]


Newton MUN 2.0 is Newton College’s second in-house MUN conference. During the conference, students represent countries as their delegates, and debate topics relating to the charters of their committees. I personally have taken up an interest in MUN due to my interest in politics, public speaking, and debating. MUN has helped me network, learn more […]

𝟑𝟎 𝐲𝐞𝐚𝐫𝐬 𝐨𝐟 𝐍𝐞𝐰𝐭𝐨𝐧 𝐂𝐨𝐥𝐥𝐞𝐠𝐞

This was Newton College’s 30th anniversary. Students and teachers went back to the 90s to remember how our school was founded in 1991. The youngest children came with 30 accessories: 30 stickers, 30 dots, 30 braids … all of them really original! We loved seeing families’ creativity and 𝘞𝘰𝘯𝘥𝘦𝘳𝘭𝘢𝘯𝘥 had more color than ever. Secondary […]

TEDxYouth@Claremontschool 2021 “Young voices, big ideas”

We are writing to you to inform you about an exciting opportunity that is available for our students from Year 9 to Year 12. The TEDxYouth @ ClaremontSchool is a one-day event for ISP students, with live speakers sharing short talks and serving as a source of knowledge and inspiration for young people around the […]

Smiles and fun as Newton College welcomes families back to school!

Today we welcome our children and families back to school. It is great to see the school coming back to life with the sound of young people of all ages getting together to get better. We have been busy getting the school even better too. We have renovated and extended our comedor which now offers wider serving spaces which […]

Newton College is one of the 50 most outstanding schools in Spain

In Newton College we are proud to have been chosen as one of the 50 most outstanding schools in Spain, according to the ranking published by the newspaper El Español. This place is not only the result of our teachers’ great work, but also of our students’ and families’ trust in our educational project. They make us stand out! […]

“I’m an explorer! Newton Summer School 2021

Registration for our Summer School 2021 is now open! This year our topic will be “I’m an explorer” and children will have the opportunity to learn English in our facilities, while having fun, through different workshops, handicrafts and guided sport activities. An exciting way to improve and develop the students’ oral and written English language […]

LAUDE Newton College has a place within the top 100 schools in Spain

One more year, LAUDE Newton College has a place within the top 100 schools in Spain, and we have moved up two places compared to the previous year, thus positioning us in 71st place. Moreover, we continue to be the only school in Alicante that is included in the renowned El Mundo Ranking. This newspaper based its decision on […]

ISP Virtual MUN 2021

What would you do if you were a World Leader? At the ISP Virtual MUN students from around the world will come together to experience an educational simulation of a real UN conference, putting themselves in the shoes of global leaders. From 21st – 23rd May 2021 we will host the first ISP Virtual MUN. […]


CARNIVAL, CARNIVAL…  Students and teachers in LAUDE Newton College have dressed up as our favourite characters. We have danced, laughed and really enjoyed ourselves! ??‍♀️ Wonderland has turned into a fantastic stage plenty of colourfull balloons and soap bubbles, where our pupils have been dancing, always within their groups, with Carnival rhythms. Here are some photos so that you can […]

ISP Chess Tournament

FIND YOUR INNER CHESS MASTER! Join the ISP Chess Tournament a new International Learning Opportunity for Students launching in 2021! This year from March – June, ISP students aged 5 – 18 from around the world are invited to take part in the ISP Chess Tournament. The free online competition will bring our students together […]

I am an ISP Scientist

DO YOU WANT TO CONTRIBUTE TO A REAL SCIENTIFIC RESEARCH PROJECT? This year from March – May, ISP students aged 8-14 are invited to participate in a real-world STEM research project through citizen science, supporting students to connect their classroom learning to real research, and encourage learning about thinking scientifically. The theme for this year […]


The craziest scientists in #NewtonCollege have been conducting exciting experiments outdoors throughout the day. Our pupils, always in their bubbles, have enjoyed an amazing show, where science and Halloween have come together, creating smoke, magic potions and even toothpaste for dragons!

ISP Maths Challenge

The ISP Maths Challenge is a free, online competition for ISP students aged 5 – 18 years. This December, our students from around the world will come together to compete with each other in a series of Maths games competitions. The challenge provides inspiring opportunities for students to practice and improve their maths and problem-solving […]

International Day

This year, with the full implementation of the international programmes in every stage of the School (EYIC, IPC, MYP and Diploma), we wanted to give this event a different approach to previous editions. The focus of this day is twofold: on the one hand, it is about enjoying an academic fair by taking a tour […]

LES Senior Student Conference

On the nineteenth of October, we, the Head-Students accompanied by Laura Collins (English teacher) attended a conference organised by The Lady Elizabeth School to improve our public speaking skills and meet other Head-Students from The British School of Vila-Real. Before the actual conference day, we were sent the information about the conference and what it included. We were […]

ISP Europe Student Leadership Conference

ISP Europe Student Leadership Conference – Laude Fontenebro School in Moralzarzal, Madrid ( 11th Nov. – 12th Nov.) What was the conference about? How did we participate? What impact will it have / what actions are we going to take? Would we change something overall? Did we enjoy it? The main themes of the conference […]


Primary and Secondary Prefects have been selected during their own assemblies. What does it mean being a Prefect student at Newton College? Newton College School prefects have high integrity, they are capable of communicating honestly and effectively, and are prepared to undertake a range of roles which are essential to the daily running of our […]


We love the children to take control of their own learning, we want them to open their own minds to find the answers in small groups (so to work on group skills) or by themselves (independent learners) instead of the teacher just telling them what an answer is or what something means. The first lesson […]

Environment Day

Today we have celebrate the Environment Day at Newton College. If children learn from early on to recycle, they will carry that good habit with them for life. With some easy effort and guidelines, kids can learn how to become part of the solution to recycling for a healthier planet. With the claim of “Save […]

Newton Inter-house Debating Competition

Today after almost a year in the planning all of the secondary department from years 7 to 11 participated in the inter-house debate competition. The teams represented the very best of their class debaters and the international judging panel were very impressed with the fabulous quality of our students and commented on the exceptional standards […]

Y11 students explore the 6 MYP Global Contexts

The MYP has a set of 6 global contexts for learning, they enable us to frame our conceptual understanding with meaningful contexts for learning. The global context for this year is, fairness and development, this helps us as MYP teachers to create relevant and engaging inquiry units. They give a deeper reason for learning and […]

1st Trekking Club 2018-2019

Newton Trekking Club has started this academic year in Alcalá del Júcar in a weekend packed with adventure and wild nature and that has delighted both children and adults alike. Why don’t you pack your bagpack, bring a snack and join us in our next adventure? Find all the info here:

6th Excellence Programme

For the sixth year in a row, Newton College grants its #ExcellenceProgramme scholarship. This academic year, Adrián Vicente García, thanks to his brilliant academic record and with an excellent average mark of 9.4 in 4th year of ESO (Mandatory Secondary Education), will continue studying Sixth Grade at Newton College with a scholarship valued at 25.000 […]

Enrolment is open all academic year long!

Would you like to meet us? Contact us and visit our facilities. We will be delighted to tell you all about our Educational Project. Enrolment is open all academic year long!

Wecome September!

We welcome the next academic year with the batteries fully charged. We will see you on 10th September, back to school!

Happy Summer!


Graduation 2018


Grandparents Day

Grandparents, those unique and special human beings who become the cardinal points of our childhood and leave an everlasting mark in our hearts with every moment we share.

Book week in Newton

Road safety education

Year 1 Exit Point ‘All Dressed up’

Baking flat bread

International women’s day

ALL TOGETHER NOW! (video) #NewtonCollege #OpeningMinds