Y11 students explore the 6 MYP Global Contexts

The MYP has a set of 6 global contexts for learning, they enable us to frame our conceptual understanding with meaningful contexts for learning. The global context for this year is, fairness and development, this helps us as MYP teachers to create relevant and engaging inquiry units. They give a deeper reason for learning and extend our students thinking even further than the concepts and content we teach.

Fairness and Development ……..what are the consequences of our common humanity? Students explore rights and responsibilities; the relationship between communities; sharing finite resources with other people and with other living things; access to equal opportunities; peace and conflict resolution.

For our current Year 11 Language and literature unit – an in-depth novel study where we unpack the craft of the author, the features of a novel and we teach students how to deconstruct and analyse text – as a Year 11 team we decided to frame our conceptual understanding into various compartments of the global context. Each class was divided into groups of 3 / 4 and investigated an area. They then gave a presentation to the entire group on their findings and from this we decided to create a newspaper entitled “The Global Context”


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