We prepare world citizens, characterised by their sense of responsibility and integrity. We help them become thinkers and effective communicators, with heightened international awareness.

On this foundation, we teach the Spanish and British curricular programmes, including International Programmes from Early Years to Sixth Form.

Our international school in Alicante is a reference due to our international programmes. At Newton College we start with language learning, so that our students begin to familiarize themselves with a global environment from their first academic years, the learning activities in the classroom and the experiences offered by the International Schools Partnership (ISP), create the perfect space for our students to enjoy the most complete international education. 

Unlike other international schools, our international school has a continuous and proven programs that combines continuous classroom practice of their communication skills, with the possibility of learning through face-to-face exchanges in the secondary and high school courses.















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What is an International School?

International schools in Spain are those that have programmes in collaboration with schools in other countries. At Newton College we are part of ISP, which allows us to work with more than 50 schools in 15 countries.

Our international education is based on two types of activities, the constant reinforcement in the classroom for learning in English, and the promotion of cultural exchanges to international centres certified by ISP. 

Beyond occasional collaborations, at Newton College we plan long-term educational programmes, which allow us to offer an international learning process that adapts to the student’s growth.

Advantages of our International School in Alicante for your children

The following are some of the main advantages that an international education like the one we implement at Newton College offers.

  • The main advantage of international schools is the opportunity to learn one or more languages from an integral academic experience, which encourages the student’s communication skills. 
  • Newton College’s international programmes include face-to-face exchange activities, which allow students to get to know other cultures first hand.
  • Our school allows students to acquire an exceptional level of English during the school period, without the need to live in another country.
  • It is an enriching experience that allows the student to get to know an international environment from an early age. 
  • Language learning improves the student’s overall cognitive level, which can be used for learning other subjects. 
  • In terms of their future, this is the main differential advantage when opting for international studies, or for a professional career that requires the use of several languages. 
  • Starting to learn a third language is also an incentive for students to continue their education beyond the academic stage.  

Objectives of our International School

The academic objectives of our international school in Alicante are focused on the language learning of our students, but our academic goals go beyond that.

We have created the perfect environment for learning, with sports facilities, laboratories, art rooms, libraries and all the necessary spaces so that our students have everything they need to develop their abilities. In this sense, our goal is to offer each student a personalised programmes based on their expectations and needs, which is adapted to their development. 

Another of our fundamental objectives is the creation and promotion of international programmes. We collaborate with ISP to ensure that each academic year is a unique learning opportunity for our students. We have a proven programmes, whose results are unbeatable. Year after year, we continue working to ensure that our students continue to enjoy the opportunity to participate in international activities with schools around the world.  

We are part of the International School Partnership

One of the main advantages of our school over other international schools in our environment is that we are part of the International Schools Partnership (ISP), an association of academic institutions present in more than 15 countries, which allows us to be in constant contact with more than 50 schools.

Our primary school students can develop their English skills at the same pace at which they assimilate their mother tongue, in this case Spanish, with classroom activities based on the use of technology. Through interactive exchanges, our youngest students can communicate with other students their age without leaving the classroom.

Secondary and high school students complete their language training with trips and face-to-face exchanges, where they are immersed in other cultures and can improve their level of comprehension, pronunciation, expression, etc.

The result of our collaboration with ISP is demonstrated in the results of our students, both in national and international tests.

The best international programmes at our center

Our students are provided with activities that are adapted to their level, as a complement to their classroom training. 

To communicate in a language at the highest level it is essential to put into practice communication skills throughout the learning process, our teaching method through international programmes is an advantage for both the present and the future of our students.  

Choose the best International School for your children's future

International education is an opportunity for your children to begin preparing for their future in a stimulating, safe and language-focused environment. Nowadays, communication in at least two languages is a basic skill in the work environment, in the future, communication skills in several languages will be even more important, that is why we consider it of vital importance that our students are trained in at least two languages, in addition to perfecting their mother tongue.