The best private school in Alicante

Newton College is considered the best private bilingual school in Alicante, according to the most prestigious rankings in the country. Our educational programmes and the academic results obtained by our students are the best proof of the educational excellence guaranteed by our school.

We are part of International Schools Partnership (ISP), one of the largest educational groups in the world which is focused on learning through international values and experiences that allow students to improve their communication skills, while getting to know first hand about other cultures.

The learning of other languages is the basis of our educational programmes, the classroom teaching is reinforced with activities that stimulate the student, making communication in other languages as natural as in their mother tongue.

Why are we considered the best private school?

Our main guarantee is the academic results of our students, in our private school in Alicante we have the best educational environment for your children to learn and develop their abilities.

Great leisure, sports and cultural facilities

We have large spaces and equipment oriented to sports and cultural activities, an environment prepared for our students to develop their ability in any area of learning.

Multilingual Teaching

We start with English learning programmes at an early age, to complement their skills with a second language in later stages.

Values based on integral education and respect

We believe that education should offer students an education based on values, in our school they become committed and critical citizens, capable of knowing their environment and the society around them.

Advantages of studying at our Private School in Alicante

At Newton College we have developed a different academic program to the one offered by other schools, with an education based on the learning and practice of languages and individual programmes, which allow the development of each student’s abilities in a personalized way. 

Each student is a particular project for the future, that is why we develop educational programmes that are adapted to the expectations of each student.

Educational Excellence

Our commitment to our students is based on offering them the best educational environment. Year after year, we succeed in educating our students, helping them to become the citizens of the future.  

We work on students’ digital competence

The digital future offers new challenges to today’s students, so we work on their competence in new technologies, encouraging their ability to adapt to change through the use of digital tools.

Personalized learning based on motivation

The emotional level of the student is essential to stimulate their abilities, in Newton College we focus on the motivation of our students to encourage their involvement and improve their academic results.

Student orientation programmes

Guidance programmes are available to all our students throughout all academic stages. When they finish their pre-university education they are prepared to face their future.

Private School in Elche for all educational stages

In our private school in Elche your children will be able to attend all their educational stages from kindergarten to secondary courses.

For us, each student has a different talent. Our aim is to offer your children a knowledge base that allows them to get to know the world around them, but always insisting on learning values.

Throughout the different educational stages, our students discover their environment, through special educational programmes we achieve that the commitment of our students with knowledge goes beyond their school stage, we get all our students to get used to learning and see their training as a permanent task, which allows them to grow as citizens involved in their environment.

Our Bilingual School obtains the best academic results!

The basis of our educational programmes is language learning. We have English programmes that are complemented with the learning of a second language in more advanced stages. 

Our goal is to enable all our students to put their communication skills into practice through practical activities that include international experiences with other students. 

We are part of the International Schools Partnership

The International Schools Partnership offers us the possibility to program international activities at all levels. The ISP is made up of schools from all over the world, which allows us to program activities in different areas, so they can put into practice what they have learned in the classroom. In addition to learning communication skills, students come into contact with other cultures, interacting with people of their own age. 

International Bilingual Private School: International Programmes

Our international programmes offer our students experiences around the world. The main objective of this type of activities is to encourage the student’s communicative abilities and make them able to establish a fluent and natural communication in foreign languages, but the learning goes beyond that, it is an unforgettable experience, with which they establish contacts with people from other cultures and learn to integrate and understand the characteristics of other people.

Choose the best Private School for your children’s future

If you want to ensure the academic future of your children, choose the best private school in Alicante. At Newton College we offer you the best educational experience for your children, with educational programmes focused on language teaching and teachers who will help them develop all their abilities. 

We have the right environment for your children to enjoy each of their educational stages, and acquire a permanent commitment to their own education.

Deadline for enrollment Private School in Alicante

The deadline for enrollment for next year is now open, make your reservation now and do not miss the opportunity to offer your children the best education for their future.

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Contact with us

If you have any questions about our educational programmes, our facilities, etc., you can contact us or come to visit us, we are located in Camino viejo de Elche-Alicante, Km 3, Elche (Alicante).