A truly warm welcome to  Newton College , an exciting place to learn and a community driven by getting even better.

Our school has grown consistently since it was founded in 1991 and is now a leading school of reference within the local area and beyond.

What does amazing learning mean to you?

Here at Newton College , amazing learning is a life-long journey where we are challenged to get better in an ever changing world. This means that every day around school we see our children and students growing in knowledge, skills, and confidence as they respond to challenges.

At the heart of this success is a clear and consistent focus on great learning experiences. We are successful because we have high goals and aspirations. Our dedicated team of teaching professionals and supportive families work together to develop the unique potential within every one of our students.

Our creative international framework enables our students to excel at the best universities across the world.

Our students thrive as they learn both the British and the Spanish curricula. Between Early Years education and the Baccalaureate level, we also teach international programmes, after which our students have the option of pursuing the  International Bilingual Diploma .

Beyond this, we prepare young minds for the future by applying a pedagogical model that is unique to  Newton College : “ Creative & Design Thinking. This program includes creative “ Maker spaces, ” which are designed for agility and innovation.

Newton College offers an environment where creativity, skill development, and the appropriate use of technology become agents in the learning process. Our students are delighted in meeting the challenge of finding innovative solutions and effectively implementing them.

All students enjoy a curricular and pedagogical framework along with interesting projects from our Social Action Plan and “ Opening Minds ” programme. Here, your children will experience and become aware of values ​​​​that are important for their personal and emotional maturity, complemented by the elements that our school boasts in its emblem: independence, respect, personal integrity and knowledge.

When you read about us through this website and visit us on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter, we are confident that you will agree that your children can reach their full potential in this positive and stimulating environment.

We look forward to welcoming you in person to find out more about our great school and how you can join our growing community.

With the warmest of welcomes,

Mr Alan Taylor

alan taylor


Newton College is a private non-granted, mixed, secular, and liberal school. In the first educational stages, we offer the British National Curriculum aligned with the Early Years and Primary International Programs (IEYC and IPC) . In the Secondary stage, we combine the Middle Years Program (MYP) of the International Baccalaureate and the Spanish National Curriculum. Finally, in the Sixth Form our students can choose between two differentiated pathways: the Diploma Program (DP) of the International Baccalaureate and the Spanish National Curriculum.

In addition to this complete and well-rounded educational programme, we give you 10 more reasons why Newton College is the best school choice:

  • We offer our students a comprehensive education.
  • We inspire each and every one of our students to develop a passion for learning.
  • We provide quality education with personalised attention, based on our founding principles of respect and hard work.
  • We contribute to the preparation of global citizens, with a sense of responsibility and integrity. We are thinkers, good communicators, and internationally minded.
  • We inspire excellence, stimulate learning and creativity, and teach our students to discover the infinite paths to their educational and professional future in an increasingly interconnected world.


  • We value individuality, encouraging the personal growth of each of our students.
  • We work to ensure that each child realizes their full potential.
  • Our students have access to a broad range of university courses as preparation for a successful professional career, whether in Spain or abroad.
  • The education we provide is complemented by solid grounding in values​​in every subject and at every stage.
  • Our open and friendly approach reflects the way we engage with others. We are proud of the strong personal links created across our educational community.



  • 2 dining halls with our own kitchen.
  • Cookery room
  • Dream lab
  • 2 psychomotricity classrooms
  • 2 multi-activity classrooms
  • Library
  • 2 art workshops
  • 4 music classrooms
  • 2 video classrooms
  • 3 computer classrooms
  • Audio-visual lab
  • 5 science labs
  • TV Studio
  • Radio studio (Newton Air)
  • Innovation Center
  • Multimedia classrooms with interactive whiteboards
  • Covered sports pavilion
  • 3 5-a-side football/handball courts
  • 4 mini football courts
  • Basketball court
  • 2 mini-basketball courts
  • Volleyball court
  • Multi-sports pitch
  • Football pitch 8 with artificial turf




Through our “Opening Minds” philosophy, our students are encouraged to adopt a broad point of view and a global outlook, not only from the knowledge they acquire but also from the world around them. We give them the tools and skills needed to apply this knowledge in real-world situations. They are encouraged to adopt an open mind that accepts cultural diversity and helps them to become responsible and compassionate citizens of the world. We also give our students the space and time they need to discover and develop their talents in different areas (besides their academic aptitudes), giving them a full education that enables them to grow in every possible way and helps them to become the best version of themselves.


Newton College is growing and evolving in how our students are encouraged to express their identity, hone their skills, discover the world, and transform it.

Newton College’s mission is to provide education with an international outlook within a flexible, dynamic, and innovative framework. Based on this premise, we plan to upgrade our educational project with a more compelling work model in our different learning areas: CREATIVE & DESIGN THINKING (C&DT).

design thinking

The main goals of CREATIVE & DESIGN THINKING (C&DT) are:

  • Involving the type of teachers who are driven to learn and explore new areas of development as part of their teaching and learning experience.
  • Developing a culture of “pedagogical innovation”, that makes us experts in the field, sharing our best practices through training courses, and collaborating with other schools within the educational sector.
  • Creating a varied learning environment through planning and improving, which can be adapted to our students’ different learning styles, allowing them to discover new ideas.
  • Exploring critical thinking in the classroom, in which creativity, opportunity development and the appropriate use of technology play an active role.

We expect this methodology to respond to the educational needs of our 21st century students. Learning experiences are developed through our “Creative & Design Thinking” (#designthinking) approach, where students are challenged to find innovative solutions to their goals. This process means that they will work through stages in which they will have to understand their own goals, engage with one another, explore and share ideas, define designs and ultimately present their product, seeking beauty in its creation.

This approach to creativity leads to the emergence of Creative Learning Spaces, small ateliers or “opportunity workshops”. These are attractive, multi-disciplinary spaces created with adaptable furniture, which allow both teachers and students to adapt their learning space to meet the requirements of the work they need to do (working in small groups, sharing experiences, hosting exhibitions, individual supervision, and research), combining several tasks at a time and always under teacher supervision.


Promise 1.

From their first day at school, we will welcome your child into the truly international Newton family – We are a big family with a great history and bright future!

Promise 2.

From their first steps, we will encourage your child to develop a positive attitude towards learning and the necessary skills to succeed.

Promise 3.

Your child will be a confident communicator in several languages. 

Promise 4.

Your child will become a resilient and independent learner.

Promise 5.

We will communicate with you in an open and transparent way to share with you the learning process of your child and how he/she can get even better.


Promise 6.

We will provide your child with the opportunities needed to access any university across the world.