Enrolment at the Elche Bilingual School

Newton College is a bilingual school in Elche offering international programmes of the highest standard. Language learning underpins the whole of our pupils’ education, from the early years through to the Baccalaureate, so our pupils acquire advanced language skills, while preparing for international higher education.   

Our English school in Elche is a reference, due to the results that our students obtain in both national and international tests, our commitment is based on continuing to work every day to improve our educational offer.

Welcome to our bilingual school in Elche

A multilingual environment, our pedagogical approach and the facilities of our bilingual school in Elche make us a school with a difference.  


Quality education in a bilingual and multicultural environment


At our English school, we firmly believe in the power of a bilingual and multicultural environment to enrich our students’ educational experience. By immersing students in an environment where English is spoken continuously, we not only foster language fluency, but also cultivate a deep understanding of diverse cultures. This constant exposure to different perspectives and traditions prepares our students to be global citizens, respectful and open to the world around them.


Our educational philosophy and differentiating pedagogical approach


Our educational philosophy focuses on a holistic and personalised approach to learning. We value the individual abilities and talents of each student, promoting a pedagogical approach that balances academic excellence with emotional and social development. We use innovative and participatory teaching methods that stimulate critical thinking, creativity and intellectual curiosity, preparing students for the challenges and opportunities of the future.


Modern and safe facilities for the all-round development of pupils


Our school has modern and safe facilities, designed to provide an optimal learning environment. From technologically advanced classrooms to sports and art spaces, every aspect of our facilities is designed to support the holistic development of our students. The safety and well-being of our students is our top priority.

Why choose our Elche bilingual School?

The importance we place on language learning is the key to our educational programmes. In addition to the continuous use of languages, we offer our students international experiences through the ISP. 


Language immersion from an early age


At our school, language immersion begins from the earliest stages of education. We firmly believe that early exposure to different languages enriches children cognitively, facilitating the natural and fluent acquisition of new languages. Through playful activities, stories, music and interactive dialogues, children are immersed in a diverse linguistic world that fosters their curiosity and love of language learning from an early age.


Internationally recognised official English and other language certifications


Our educational programme includes the preparation for and attainment of official, internationally recognised English and other language certifications. This gives our students a significant advantage in their academic and professional future. The certifications not only validate their linguistic competence, but also reinforce their confidence and communication skills on a global stage.


Native teachers and innovative methodologies for linguistic development


We have a team of highly qualified native teachers, who bring with them not only a mastery of the language, but also a cultural richness that enriches the learning process. We use innovative and adaptive methodologies that focus on the individual needs of each student, employing techniques such as project-based learning, interactive teaching and the use of educational technology. These strategies promote holistic linguistic development, ensuring that our students not only learn a language, but also gain an insight into its culture and practical use in real life.

Educational offer at our Elche bilingual School at all levels

At Newton College we incorporate a specific language programme at all levels of education, ensuring an appropriate and effective language immersion at every stage of learning.


At this early stage, the focus is on natural exposure to English through games and interactive activities. Children learn English in an intuitive and fun way, which lays the foundation for the development of solid language skills from an early age.


English is integrated into the curriculum in a more structured way. Students improve their fluency through speaking, reading and writing, while advancing their academic knowledge.


As students progress, English is used in a more advanced and academic context. Emphasis is placed on oral and written fluency, preparing students for the practical use of English in real-life and academic situations, as well as for official language certificates.

National and International Baccalaureate

At this final stage we offer both the National and International Baccalaureate, where fluency in English is essential. Students prepare for international university experiences, perfecting their English language skills to an advanced level, enabling them to function confidently in international environments.

Admission and enrolment process

For the infant stage, a visit with the family will be necessary.  From Year 3 (Primary 2), the pupil must take an entrance test in English, Spanish and Maths.

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