We love the children to take control of their own learning, we want them to open their own minds to find the answers in small groups (so to work on group skills) or by themselves (independent learners) instead of the teacher just telling them what an answer is or what something means.

The first lesson in the Science subject in Year 7 was about Habitats and the Environmental Conditions of the habitats- so around the lab, there were 6 posters , each had a different habitat on, in small groups and with post it notes, they had to identify what organisms live in that habitat, what they get from that habitat and the environmental conditions of that habitat.

At the end of that lesson , where you could see the green paper and the square, they had to be mini ecologists- trying to calculate the average of plants in a community and figure out why one area had more growth.

The next lesson was about adaptations, again, around the room were posters of 6 organism, they had to identify the adaptation but then describe how it helped it to survive in that habitat. They had about 4 minutes then they had to move with their groups to the next one and see what they could add!

We then played a game at the end (the video) where our Science teacher asked them to pick 5 adaptations for an animal on the screen but she did not tell them the type of environment/what food that it ate. As each powerpoint slide started, she would read a statement, they would then lose or gain points based on what adaptation they had picked – would they did or survive?