School calendar 2023-2024

The school calendar in September and June is from 9:00h. to 15:00h. From October to May (both inclusive), the school day will start at 9:00h. and finish at 16:45h.

Families with children between Reception and Year 7 may choose from the following options during the last period of the day:

  • Early dismissal (between 15:45 and 16:00).
  • Remain in school until 16:45h. with the following alternatives: supervised playground, after school activities or free homework club.

Calendario escolar 2023-2024

First term

  • EYFS Taster sessions: Thursday, 7th of September 2023
  • Start of the year (all stages): Friday, 8th of September 2023.
  • Last day of term: Friday, 22nd December 2023.

Holidays and days off

Monday, 9th of October 2023 Day of the Valencian Community
Thursday, 12th of October 2023 National Bank Holiday
Friday, 13th of October 2023 No classes in Newton (INSET DAY).
Wednesday, 1st of November 2023 All Saints’ Day
Wednesday, 6th of December 2023 National Bank Holiday
Thursday, 7th of December 2023 Bank Holiday
Friday, 8th of December 2023 National Bank Holiday

Christmas Holidays, from Friday, 22nd December 2023 to Sunday, 7th January 2024 (both inclusive).

Second term

  • Starting on Monday, 8th of January 2024.
  • Ending on Wednesday, 27th of April 2024.

Holidays and days off

Thursday, 15th of February 2024 No classes in Newton (INSET DAY).
Friday, 16th of February 2024 Local Bank holiday (Elche)
Monday, 18th of March 2024 Local Bank holiday (Elche)
Tuesday, 19th of March 2024 Local bank holiday (Elche)

Easter Holidays: from Thursday, 28th of  March 2024 to Monday, 8th of April 2024 (both inclusive).

Third term

  • Starting on Tuesday, 9th of April 2024.
  • End of the year (Early Years, Primary, Secondary and Baccalaureate): Friday, 21st of June 2024

To make sure you are aware of any new updates, please download the school calendar with all the events and teaching days of the year.

Download the calendar iCal or click HERE