Newton College identifies itself as a place where learning and the continuous for improvement is at the centre of our attention. To this end, the Innovation Team was created three years ago. The Innovation Team is made up of teachers from all stages of the school in order to offer a wide range of opinions and points of view.

Coordinated by Santiago Ordejón Zuckermaier , the team consists of Paul Harbor (Primary), Ruth Copperwheat (Early Years), Ángel Antonio Barrajón Belén (Secondary/Baccalaureate).

Innovation Team

Family Academy

The main objective of this team is to foster a culture of innovative learning in our school , at all stages, which promotes motivating, long-lasting learning based on the real needs of our students.

The Innovations Team is created to research and promote methodological, didactic, evaluative and technological approaches in our school . It is also a link for all teachers and students of the school to improve every day the learning experiences of us all.

Finding and creating innovative projects at different stages and/or cooperation of different stages with a pedagogical benefit for the school is a continuous challenge promoted by this team.

This approach can be seen in classroom projects, such as the Project and Problem Based Learning methodology, school projects, like in the development of the Newton Online system during the COVID-19 confinement or the new Online Safety policy. It can also be seen in the continuous training of the school’s teaching staff, students and parents, such as training and information days for parents on the digital safety of their children. The creation of a Family Academy is the result of this work.

Another objective of this team is carried out both during the INSET Days and in internal training during the school day for our teaching staff.

The Innovations Team is closely linked to the ISP Digital Learning Team, with which it is participating in the creation of an online Learning Hub 2.0 for all ISP teachers worldwide and a system of continuous teacher training using an ISP teacher social networking system. Cooperation with professionals from Asia, Latin America, and Europe is of great importance for the growth of our school and our students.