Since its foundation, one of Newton College’s main objectives has been to ensure that our students learn to communicate.
Our school places great importance on language and foreign languages: they learn Spanish, with English being the teaching language used by our students to communicate with teachers. They learn Valencian, take German classes and have the option to study Chinese.

Communication is the basic premise on which any relationship is founded, and this is why Newton College has added the Communication & Media Studies course, a subject with a view to the future, where our students can work with the most commonly-used language of the 21st century: audio-visuals and their different applications.

They can learn how we understand a film, why some YouTube videos come across better than others, how advertising uses this language, what the codes and channels are…. Discovering these audio-visual language tools will provide our students with a base on which to establish their own criteria for deciding what they want to see, and what they prefer, helping us to prepare cultured citizens who can improve our society.

In Communication & Media Studies, our students will learn to read and better understand audio-visual works, as well as to write and record their own audio-visual works. This language will be a part of their future, whatever field they choose to work in.

NC CHANNEL is the channel that was set up this year to operate as a window to see inside the school, on which our students can express and shape their ideas. Welcome to the NC Channel!

Analysis of gender roles in cinema.