The library of an international school is much more than a resource centre. It is a link between the various curricular stages, and offers a specific education service. It is also a place where self-education strategies and cooperative work styles are tested out.

Teachers, students and parents can use the library to access knowledge, and can feel part of a learning community that is open to the 21st century world.

Our students will alternate between free daily access to the library and group visits adapted to each age (from 4 to 18). These sessions will deal with different humanistic values, teaching global concepts that are useful in life, varying according to the curriculum or the time during the school year.

The fundamental goals of the project are:

  • Discovering reading as a pleasant leisure activity.
  • Reinforcing our students’ linguistic skills
  • Offering a quiet space for personal or group work.
  • Offering methodological guidance for our students in their academic work.
  • Developing listening, dialogue, research and critical thinking skills.
  • Boosting intercultural and multi-lingual awareness throughout our school community.
  • Practicing holistic and contextual learning through personal and group activity.
  • Encouraging empathy and a respectful, generous citizenry.