We have set up the Smart Start programme in the Early Years Education stage to cater to the different ways that children learn, to achieve the maximum holistic potential of our students.

This programme is based on the eight multiple intelligences described by Howard Gardner (logical-mathematical, verbal-linguistic, body-kinaesthetic, visual-spatial, musical, interpersonal, intrapersonal and natural-environmental). We use a series of teaching tools and styles to work on these areas, such as Intelligence Bits, artistic and musical stimuli, sensory or hands-on experiences, the application of new technologies, psycho-motor development and participation in practical experiments and direct experience.

Because Smart Start is present in our whole curriculum, we use it to boost skills such as spoken expression in English, the ability to reason and consider things, the relationship between music and mood, spatial-body concepts, interpretation and creation of images, empathy towards others, better self-awareness and respecting and caring for our natural environment.
The Smart Start programme is personalised, as our children’s strengths and preferences are taken into account. These are the optimal starting points and channels for getting the best results from the learning experience.