After finishing their secondary education at Newton, our students can choose between two clearly distinct curriculums that allow them to access different universities around the world. They can choose between the Diploma Programme of the International Baccalaureate and the national programme, in accordance with current Spanish education law.

The baccalaureate consists of two academic years: Year 12, or the first year of Baccalaureate, and Year 13, or the second year of Baccalaureate.

The students who choose to take the national baccalaureate can choose between the following options:

  •  Science and Technology (technical and bio-health paths)
  • Humanities and Social Sciences

The fundamental goals of this stage are to provide our students with an intellectual and humanistic education that awakens their critical capacities, tolerance, respect and a love for progress and culture, whilst equipping them to embark on university studies and the world of work.

We apply teaching strategies and methods in the classroom that enable out students’ personal and intellectual enrichment and growth.

This is why we attach great importance to:

  • Carrying out practical work, planning and studying for projects, with the intensive and cross-disciplinary study of other languages such as English, Spanish, Valencian and German. Together, this offers our students a multi-lingual and multi-cultural education that is essential in today’s world.
  • The use of new technologies and teacher-guided research work. These are basic requirements of our teaching.
  • Education in values, which continues to be the point of convergence and a pivotal value in our educational system.

When they finish the Second year of Baccalaureate, our students will take the Spanish university entrance exams (PAU). Our school has always had a 100% pass rate in these exams, and the average mark for the school has always been 7 or higher, out of 10. This means that our students go on to University, having benefited from their high-quality preparation.

As in every stage of their secondary education, we enter our students for external language certificate examinations, namely for the Advanced (C1) and Proficiency (C2) levels of the University of Cambridge, and the exams of the Goethe Institute.