Newton College, as members of the International Schools Partnership (ISP), one of the largest education groups in the world with 62 schools and a presence in 17 countries, our students have the chance to participate in multicultural exchanges and experience living abroad.

These programmes offer students the chance to have memorable international educational and cultural experiences that enable them to fully develop their language and communication skills, to share good practices and make long-lasting friendships around the world in a safe environment.

One of the benefits of being part of an international group of Schools is that our students have a great opportunity to enjoy learning experiences in schools located in different parts of the world. There are different options available for students and their families: Studying at Claremont School (United Kingdom) for a term and/or full school year or family and/or residential visits to Lady Elizabeth School.

For more information about these programmes, please contact the programme coordinator, Robby Sidoli:




Here are some of the international programmes that we offer:

Some of the words used so far by our students, parents and colleagues to describe our International Learning Opportunities for Students include:

“Amazing”, “Educational”, “Empowering”, “Inspirational”, “Life Changing” and “Unique”


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