Some of the main digital educational platforms used by the school to further the learning of our students are described below:

ActiveLearn is a platform that can be accessed from home for fun learning with games and videos, activities and e-books provided by the teacher.

We use this platform in our school for our Mathematics (Abacus) and English (Wordsmith) courses.

The online platform can be accessed using the following link:

MyMaths is a platform that allows the teacher to send homework to students over the Internet. The homework that is assigned through MyMaths is adjusted to the students’ level and the area of mathematics that they are studying.

It is an excellent platform for the continuous monitoring of the students’ progress.
The online platform can be accessed using the following link:

Education City is a platform that offers students lessons both at home and at school. If your child needs to practice a particular area, he or she can look it up in Education City.

They can find videos, activities and texts on the platform. One popular and entertaining feature is the “Play Live” option, where students can challenge each other in lots of areas, from multiplication tables to word games!

We use it in our everyday teaching at the school to reinforce our students’ knowledge of English, Maths, IT and Science.

Vicens Vives Digital is a platform included in the digital book for the Spanish Language, Social Sciences and Valencian subjects.
We can use the platform to access the content of the book, as well as other additional content and activities.

Each student will have their own digital license. The school
will provide them with a username and password.

They have to download the Edubook3D application that appears in the catalogue. The online platform can also be accessed at the following link:

ITE (Learning Environments) Cognitiva Escolar is a platform that improves reading skills for understanding and spelling, and consolidating what has been learned in the Spanish curriculum.

Students in Year 4 and Year 5 can also develop their typing skills using the programme that appears first in Year 2. The school will provide the student with the username and password they must use in all their school years.
They can access the platform at the following link: